1. My name is Sara. I’m not always politically correct, I cuss too much, but I have a good heart.

2. I am the second oldest of 6 kids. Yes, we all have the same parents, no we aren’t Catholic. But you’re missing out if you don’t know us!

3. I LOVE the smell of Nerf. I know, it’s weird.

4. Photography is a HUGE passion of mine. I’d love to actually get paid to do it, but I have a fear of not being good enough. (i’m working on it!)

5. I live in Oklahoma. If you aren’t from here, or have never been here, yes we have indoor plumbing, no we don’t live in teepee’s, not all of us are redneck country people, and it’s a nice place to visit/live.

6. I don’t like pets. I have fish and I do pretty good okay to take care of them.  Update 7/17/08 **all of my fish died (not at once) and I gave the tank to my nephew.**

7. I can mindlessly munch on twizzler’s, cashews, and Pringles and not realize I’ve eaten the entire package until all I’m reaching for is an empty bag.**1/17/09** I no longer mindlessly munch on these things…they get me in trouble with weighing at WW.

8. I LOVE reading. If you do too, you should check out Janet Evanovich, James Patterson, and David Baldacci. These are just a few of my favorites.**1/17/09**If you haven’t read the Twilight saga yet, you should. It’s like how I imagine crack would be if I had ever tried it. It’s that addicting.

9. I am in desperate need of a vacation.**Still in desperate need – anyone for a mindless roadtrip?

10. I love taking road trips. (doesn’t have to be any place extravagant) Although with the price of gas these days, it hasn’t happened in a long time.

 11. I’ve recently moved in with my Nana. She’s 82 and I’m 34. Makes for interesting t.v. options. :o)**She’s now 83 and I’m staring 35 in the face…

12. I am a Weight Watchers member. To date, I’ve lost 55.4lbs, 56.8lbs,72.8lbs! I actually made it to 75lbs lost, but have gone back and forth on the weight loss saga and am holding steady at 70lbs lost. This number will change when I remember to update it.**4/21/09** I have missed the last 3 meetings…intentionally. But I’m refocused and will hopefully have a good number to post SOON! **I went back and I’ve gained 6lbs. Holy, holy shit! I have to remember it’s not as much as I was expecting, but man!**9/24/09** I quit WW back around the time I gained 6lbs. Epic FAIL. I let myself get discouraged and didn’t go back. But I’m getting back on track and will be starting again this Saturday.

13. I have sleep apnea. I’ve done 2 sleep studies, had an EKG, an Echo, and will have a chest x-ray, but still don’t have the machine. No news is good news, right? **9/24/09** I have the machine now but I’m allergic (i think) to the mask. I received another mask and it’s just not effective. I’m pitiful. I’ve gone back to the original mask. Sheesh!

14. I joined a gym. Mademoiselle. That was in July. I’ve only been about 15 times. Nice use of 38 bucks a month!!! Damn. **I’ve completely quit going. Now it’s a really nice use of 38 bucks a month.**


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    Hi, nice to meet you !

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    Wish I had the motivation to compose a list like yours. 😉

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