Okay, here I go…

So this is the first time I’ve ever had my own blog. I’ve read countless other blogs and really enjoy getting to “know” people through what they write. Mostly I guess I’m a blog lurker. I haven’t subscribed to 99.9% of the blogs I’ve read, but I check on them periodically and read what’s going on. Which has lead me here, to my own blog. I don’t know how “good” I’ll be but I figured it’s a good way to vent, share stories, etc…Just an FYI, I have a great tendency to ramble on and jump from subject to subject. My friend S calls it Oklahoma story telling. Example, “Did you know that Steve got arrested the other night for a DUI and was held over the weekend which btw I didn’t end up going to Mike’s party because Amy was out with her other friends and I didn’t want to go alone like I did that last time, and have you ever gone solo to a function….” Hopefully you get my meaning. LOL. I always seem to know where I’m going, it may just take me a while to get there.

A little about me…I live in Oklahoma and have for the majority of my life. I actually like it here and I’m not sure if it’s more because I know the place and my family’s here or what. I come from a very large family. I’m the second oldest of 6 kids. 4 girls, 2 boys. It’s never made for a dull moment, that’s for sure. We range in ages from 36 – 24. (my poor mother!) I love them all dearly but as I progress in this blog, they will piss me off to no end as well. Which leads me to something else…this won’t be a PG blog. If you read my “me” at the top of this page, I clearly state I cuss too much and I wasn’t lying about that. I try and curb it from time to time, but usually not with good results. Going back to the “me” at the top…As I go and think of more things that are ‘me’ I will add to the list. But for now I have ten things about me. If you’re scratching head as you read it and think ‘she likes the smell of Nerf??’ yes, as I said on the list, it’s weird, but I do like it. I have no idea why I do but I as far as I can remember I’ve liked it. Strange huh? But we all have strange qualities right?

 Anyway, here’s my first attempt at this blog. I think I’m going to like it here. Have a great day!



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