The name behind it all…

When I finally decided I’d give this blogging thing a chance, I couldn’t for the life of me, come up with a title. I like to think I’m pretty witty, people tell me I am all the time, but a simple title to this here blog was not in my brain. I emailed S and Mom both because they know me so well. Surely they could give me some good names and a little insight into myself. S was busy like she always is, so mom was the first to respond. She came up with Chronicles of the Incredible Shrinking Woman.  I instantly liked it* because it is going to chronicle me and I am shrinking, finally! You see I’ve been overweight since about the age of 4 and in the past few years I’ve gotten horribly overweight. For whatever reason the fat is there. I decided on January 4th of this year to join Weight Watchers. I joined with A&H (roommates at the time) that Friday night and was HORRIFIED at the number they provided me. What?! I couldn’t weight that much. But yes, sports fans, I did. I sat through the meeting with the goofiest (is that correct spelling?) WW leader ever and just couldn’t believe I had gained so much weight. I should have believed it. I was thisclose to tears because my back hurt so bad I could barely stand to sit in the chair. Um, maybe because I was fat and had pulled a muscle from playing the Wii. Who does that? Something inside me clicked that night. I was no longer going to continue to be the fat girl. I’m 34 (yikes!) years old and I’m tired of being fat. I joined for myself and made it to where even if A&H didn’t continue with it, I was. They dropped out two weeks into it and I’ve been going strong for 20 weeks now. So far, I’ve lost 47.8lbs! Holy shit batman! I can’t fucking believe it. I still have a long, long way to go, but I’m thisclostolosing 50 pounds! It hasn’t been moonlight and roses the whole time, but now more than any other time in my life am I determined to get this crap off of me. If I get the courage, I’ll post a ‘before’ pic and a ‘current’ pic. I can’t wait for the before and AFTER pic. So that’s the back story to the name of this here blog. Thanks mom!


*I admit I didn’t love it so much after S wrote me back with some ideas. Namely the music generator – you provide it a word or words, and it gives you your very own rock band name! This could have been “Desk Plumber” or Sara gnome and the photograph.


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