What? No phone call?

My sister L has just been diagnosed with diabetes. We’ve suspected for about a year that she has it, what with the extreme weight loss and the fact she drinks water like you wouldn’t believe. But…she sent away for a free testing meter and when she got it, she came over and we tried it out. She registered a 419. What?? Holy crap, that’s close to diabetic coma. I tried mine and it was 105. So the machine was definitely not broken. She calls her girlfriend (who’s out of town) and decides we should hightail it to the E.R. We head over to Presbyterian, who I’m sure is a lovely hospital, but the place was packed and people had been ther for hours! We leave and go to Deaconess. She’s immediately taken back, the Dr. comes in in less than 5 minutes and basically tells her, You’re diabetic and if you don’t take care of it you’re going to die. It will kill your organs, etc. She being the 25 year old who is deathly afraid of needles was reduced to infant status when they drew blood and put in an IV. After a round of fluids and insulin, they release her to follow up with a regular doctor. My dad was diabetic, so we know how bad it is/can be.

Which brings me to my rant. I receive a call from sister K yesterday morning wanting to know if I’ve heard from L? Um, no, it’s 7a.m. and way to early for L to make her round of calls. Well apparently L’s girlfriend called sister K at 3:30 a.m. to say they were back at the ER and were probably going to admit L to the hospital. That’s it…the one phone call. No follow up phone call to say they had actually let her go – she was alright – don’t worry, etc. She didn’t think to call the rest of the family – the 4 other siblings or her MOM to let her know what was going on. Nothing – radio silence. They went home and went to sleep. I finally received a call from L around noon-ish saying that “Oh it was so early and we didn’t really think to call.” Um, but your g/f called at 3:30. A.M. WTF? How about when I took her the first time and said g/f called about 17 times while there, and was one of the first people called to say you were going home?!?! See I told you that, although I love my family dearly, they do shit that really pisses me off. Next time, I require a phone call, at least when you’re on your way out of the ER.  Sheesh!

Btw…I told you in an earlier blog that I’m doing WW…so how nice is it that someone just came by my office door and said “Sara, there are doughnuts out here.” What? phhfffftt. damn. ;o)


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