Yeah Thursday!

Whew, I’m glad today is Thursday. It’s one day closer to Friday and my 3 day weekend. I love paid holidays…to bad there’s not a week of paid holidays lurking out there somewhere. I guess that’s called a vacation, but since I’ve only technically been at my job since NYE, I don’t qualify for one of those yet. I have half a year to go for my 40 hours. Then do I wait and use it for some fabulous fun in the sun time or will be I be ‘dying’ to get out of here for an entire week? Since it will be winter time then, I’ll most likely wait and save it for the summer. When I can get paid for being out in the sunshine! I really want to take a trip of some kind…any kind of trip. A daycation, a vacation, a road trip, whatever. It’s been too long since I’ve gone anywhere or done anything out of the ordinary and it’s beginning to show. I’m restless and kind of blah. I really just need to snap out of it. Right? But how? Could it be that I’m not doing (professionally) what I want to with my life? Which is…being a photographer. I think I take decent pictures, some better than others, but then is that really a skill? I’ve seen some amazing pictures posted on here. I need to quit doubting myself and just do it. It’s what I’m completely passionate about and, let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and I don’t want to end up regretting anything that I could have changed.  The photography school here in OK is only $10,000. Yikes! Right now I can’t afford to pay attention (thank you recession, $4 gas, skyrocketing food prices, garnishment bastards) so photog school isn’t a reality right now. But I am scouring the net trying to find tips here and there and my family members are willing participants for my picture guinea pigs.  We’re having a get together on Sunday, so I plan to ‘practice’…there will be a bunch of people, so at least it’s not the same people rolling their eyes as they pose for yet another pic.

On a different note, my guy David Cook won American Idol last night. Of course he’s not really my guy, but he’s the one I was hoping would win. Honestly I’ve never really watched a season of AI ever before this season. It kind of grates on my nerves, but for whatever reason I found myself watching this one and actually voting for people. To the point one night sister B called and said “who have you been talking too?” Me – “I’m too embarassed to say.” B – “have you been calling 900 #’s?” Me – “What?! No!! Worse…I’ve been voting for so and so on American Idol.” B – “You’re right, that is worse!” We had a good laugh over it….I didn’t watch it religiously, but I knew who was who and who got voted off. Towards the end I was really hoping David C. would win because he’s better. DA has a great voice but he also has a stage dad and I could see that not going well. DC has struggled and put his time in and I just think overall deserved it more. DA will get there…

I’m not really that big into reality t.v. Okay, that was a lie. There are some reality shows I like, but I think there are way too many. It’s like they can’t come up with good enough sitcoms or dramas so let’s dumb everyone down and throw another horrible show on. The one I really, really like is Big Brother. I watched the first season and then quit until season 6 and have been watching since. I can blame sister K for that. She’s been a watcher since the beginning. She and Mom subscribe to the live feeds even. It’s extremely addicting. She would be PERFECT for the show. She pretty much knows how it’s going to go down, who’s going to be put on the block, who is going home, etc. Even before the houseguests know, it seems like. I tried to get her to sign up for the season starting this summer, but she said she wants to lose more weight before trying out for it. Hell I think she should have done it anyway. But I can understand her reluctance too. It’s just that when I say she would be perfect it, she would be. So maybe next year she’ll be ready for it.  But back to the shows in general…Survivor, um wrap it up Jeff, does it really get a lot of ratings? It’s all about how deceptive and shitty you can be to people. Same for Amazing Race. Granted I’ve never really watched a whole season of that show, but the snippets I’ve caught are ridiculous. I know it would be cool to travel to all the places they go to, but bickering friends/family/spouses/etc isn’t my ideas of entertainment. If I wanted that, I could see if for free in my own life. All the new shows that have cropped up recently are insane…the talent shows, dancing shows, beauty & the geek, etc. Time wasters. But I guess they are on there because someone is watching them. I suppose that’s enough of my rant.

Really this blog is just one big ramble today. Probably because I’m not motivated to do any work. It’s going to be a gorgeous day today and I’d rather be out on a patio somewhere having mexican food and beers with my friends. Sounds nice huh? OH and if you like beer, you should try Bud Light Lime. It is DE-LISH! Right amount of lime, it’s just perfect! For that shameless plug you’d think I worked for them or something, but no, it’s just good beer. Way to go B.L. !

Have a great Thursday!



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