Yeah Friday!

I had a much more clever way of addressing today’s blog, but I forgot what it was. Apparently I need to write these things down. So today is Yeah Friday! It’s the start of the Memorial Day weekend and I’d love to say I have great big travel plans, but with gas getting closer to $4 everyday, that’s not going to happen. Thank you again recession and oil tycoon pigs. I bet you’re not struggling to pay for rent/bills/gas/groceries. I am trying to step up and find a part time job to go with my full time, but so far I haven’t had any luck. I don’t mind working, at all. I’ll work 24/7 to get ahead and not have to struggle for this and that. It just doesn’t seem to be a lot out there. I’m not too proud, I’ll pretty much do whatever and by that I mean I’ll do whatever isn’t fast food. Maybe if I was twenty-something and all legs and blonde. LOL. But outside of that, I’ll work it. I’ll clean your house if you like. I’m 1 of 6 remember? I’m used to cleaning…and cooking…and mediating…and whatever else! :o)

So today is my weekly weigh in at WW. It’s been a roller coaster of a week, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve lost something. Other than my sanity. I’d really love to hit that 2.2 lb mark so I will have lost 50lbs and get another 25 lb medal, but if it doesn’t happen, that’s alright too. I guess. BTW, is it secretly wrong of me to be a little excited when my friend doesn’t do as well as I do? I’m happy for all successes of anyone because it’s a bitch of a struggle, but she’s a lot smaller than me and doesn’t have that far to go, so when she’s gained an extra pound/ounce, anything, my heart does a little dance. Shame on me I know, guess that’s what makes us all human. But no matter what – Kuddos to you WW friend! Ups and downs, it’s tough for any size. (see I can be really nice and mean it too!)

So remember the other day when I was bitching that Sister L didn’t call anyone about going to the hospital? Apparently it worked because I got the call this morning! And I also received a follow up call to say they didn’t keep her, but they did do pretty extensive tests and no she’s not type 1 (good thing) but she really needs to work on getting it under control. I can’t imagine how tough that must be. Her sugar has been out of whack for so long (we’re thinking at least a year), that she doesn’t know what it’s like to feel good. But today her sugar was the lowest it’s been since this whole ordeal started. In the hundreds. Still a little high, but for her it’s fantastic. She’s the baby girl in the family so she has a lot of people that are going to make sure she does what she needs to do. She’s too young not to.

I have to get to work…it’s payroll processing day here at the job. Yeah! (not really) But I’m thrilled it’s Friday, I’m ready for the weekend and all the debauchery it holds. LOL! Have a safe a happy Memorial weekend!



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