Happy Memorial Day.

Today (or this weekend) is the unofficial start to summer. What an ‘unofficial’ start it was. Friday was the usual with WW and BWW. BTW, I gained 1.6lbs! Holy Shit, holy shit, holy shit! Honestly though I wasn’t too surprised. It was a crappy week, food wise, and I felt like I had gained something. But to gain almost 2 pounds in a week hurt. So, the moral to that story is to do better this week. Because I’m getting further and further away from my goal. They say to expect set backs, so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. I’ll get there, I know I will. :o)  Friday night was fun….but it didn’t seem as much fun as usual. The bar was hot and not in a sexy guy kind of way…as in it was 90+ degrees outside so the a/c was working overtime and there were too much hot bodies in there sucking up my cool air. Then when you have beers on top of that, yikes. Plus our waitress is the bosses daughter. She was nice and all, but wasn’t the overly friendly type. We even left before 10, so…..Saturday was good. J&E’s oldest was having his 10th birthday party. They have an awesome house, fabulous backyard (w/a pool!), and good parties. I rode with sister K (gas prices are a quarter away from 4 bucks here) and the girlies and we had a good time. Sister K has a rule that she leaves at dusk or 8p.m. whichever comes first. It’s actually a good rule to follow. She does this because it usually turns into a drama night after that time. But while we were there it was great and from what I understand, there wasn’t any drama that night anyway. B raked in the cash. I found out yesterday he got over 230 bucks for his b-day. Which spoils it for all his friends who were there. They will all want cash now! Yesterday was our drive in movie night at W&M’s house. It was awesome! and that’s putting it mildly. W rented a projector and put a sheet on the side of the house. We watched National Treasure book of secrets and 1408. NT was great. 1408, not so much. I was really disappointed because I wanted an old school kind of scary movie. Movies aren’t like that anymore. It’s usually all blood and guts or some kind of psycho thriller that leaves you going “huh?”. What happened to movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Children of the corn?? Those movies scared the shit out of me! Because there’s some part of those movies that could actually happen. Sure, you aren’t going to come back to life countless times like Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees, but crazy homicidal maniacs are scary as shit! Having them pop up in front of you when you think you’ve finally gotten away makes you jump in your seat. Those are the kinds of movies I miss. But back to the day….there was way too much food made – fried chicken, steaks, grilled chicken, sausages, dips, pasta salad, potato salad, brownies, etc. Tons ‘o food! I sampled most, if not all of it, and it was DE-LISH! My friend D from work didn’t show, bummed about that, but N and little n did! I haven’t seen them since February so that was good. S came too. She was later than she said she’d be, but that was alright. I didn’t really get a chance to talk to her except for when she was taking pics of a passed out friend. Maybe one or two pics, but it seemed to me that she kept taking pics of her at different angles. It kinda irritated me and I asked her that if she was taking pics of her, to please not post them on the internet. She said she wasn’t going to, they were just for her. I didn’t mean to sound shitty about it, but you never know who might stumble upon them. So S if you ever stumble upon this blog, I didn’t mean it to sound shitty…just looking out for D.  So there’s the weekend and now it’s Monday – Memorial Day. I’ve never really been one to go and visit graves of loved ones, I’ve never been to my dad’s. (that’s a different story) But I have been going to my Papa’s. He was a great man, one of very little words, but when he spoke you listened and did what he said. He may not have always done it the best way, but he did it the best way he knew how. I wanted him to walk me down the aisle whenever I got married. I wanted my kids to meet him and know what a great man he is from experience. I wanted to get to know him more or better because even at 30 something, I felt like I didn’t really get to know all about him. He died 2 years ago this summer and I still miss him like it happened today. Although he was my mom’s stepdad, he was never treated as such and never treated her like a stepdaughter. She was his and he was hers. It was that simple. He came into her life when she was 3, so that might have been why, but I think even if she would have been 13 or 30, he would have been the same. He would give you the shirt off your back but would also expect a lot from you. Somehow he knew you have great potential and could do better, even if you couldn’t see it in yourself. I love you Papa. You are the true measure of a man and how people should be. I miss you terribly, but I’m glad you aren’t hurting anymore. Happy Memorial Day. Nana seems lost without you, so if you could, give her a little kiss or hug today, that would be great. Let her know you are still here in spirit. 

To everyone else, Happy Memorial Day to you. To our troops at home and overseas, God Bless you and happy day to you. May you all come home safe and sound. Have a great week everyone.


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