Ramblings of a camera junkie…

Happy Tuesday…but feels like Monday. Does that ever trip you up after a holiday? You have Monday off, but when you get to work on Tuesday it feels like Monday to you? Although technically I had yesterday off, I came to work anyway. Not like I said, Man I really miss this place, let’s go in for a visit. Nope. In my job I have a weekly transmittal that has to be done every Monday and since I didn’t get a nice email saying it could be done on Tuesday, I had to come in. Good part – I get holiday pay plus regular pay. Bad part – I had to come in on a holiday. But it was actually not bad. I played my music too loud, surfed on the net for about an hour, AND got all my workd done. Yeah me!

I made it home around 4-something. I live in an upstairs apt and it was hot. Nevermind the fact that I leave the window a/c on 67 and have a ceiling fan going. It’s not like it’s a big place either. It’s perfect for one person and I leave doors closed so it doesn’t have to cool the entire place. It could also be that it was hot outside and because I have a leak in my anti freeze hose, I was running my car with the heater on. Let me tell you, those are murderous conditions. I’ve pretty much figured I have a bad attitude when I’m overly hot. Not just a little warmed up, but so hot that if you touch others, you want to hit them with a hammer. Which I guess is my new phrase. “Keep it up and I’ll hit you with a hammer.” Don’t know where I come up with these. I’m not a violent person, but make it too hot with no relief in sight and I could be. But I think anyone could be. LOL.

Over the weekend I was getting a scratchy throat. Today I woke up and I feel like crap. My heads stuffy, can only breathe through one side of my nose, and I’m coughing up something. I won’t go into any details, because it grosses even me out. ;o) There’s just something wrong with getting colds in the summer time. Everyone should be in good health when it’s so sunny and pretty outside. Although it’s in the forecast to rain today, so maybe my cold is in tune with the weather? It still doesn’t keep me from wanting a vacation. Not just time off, but time away. I’ve pretty much figured about every 6 months or so, I need a break and just wanna go somewhere. I’d love to go see M&M in Dallas, but like I’ve said before, gas is thisclose to 4 bucks a gallon and I have zero extra money these days. Used to when I said I have zero money, then I usually had a little bit. But that’s not the case anymore. This effing garnishment is KILLING ME. Of course I did it to myself, sort of, but I’m pretty sure they are doing it all illegally. I need to just bite the bullet and file bankruptcy. I should while I’m still young I suppose. Go ahead and take care of things now, instead of having it hang over my head. Then I might have a little breathing room to do something like, oh I don’t know, buy groceries? Get my car fixed? Just breathe without worrying how x,y,&z are going to get paid. I’ve tried finding a part time job, but I haven’t had ANY luck with that. Guess it all goes back to the recession. Or at least that’s what I’m saying. :o)

Sister K called yesterday to say she’s going to enroll in a mechanics class. Woo Hoo! I’ll sign up too. I’m serious. I’d love to be able to fix my car when a hose goes nutty under the hood. I’d love to be able to know what that sound is…you know the one you hear every so often that could spell major trouble if left unfixed. It would just be nice to be able to take care of it myself. No worries, just get in there and get it done. Plus I don’t mind getting dirty and all that stuff. What surprised me, is that she wants to do it. She’s definitely the type that thinks “car work” is a man’s job. I don’t know where she got that notion. I think if you can do it, you should. But car work stresses her out to no end. Her car was shooting anti freeze the other day. Good thing her friend Ninja was going out of town for a week. She gets to use her car until she can get hers fixed. So, maybe we can enroll in class together and that can become my part time job? Minor car repairs nights and weekends….Now that’s something to ponder….Until next time, have a great week!



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