Summer t.v., radio personalities, Dove promises, and fevers.

Summer t.v. really, really sucks. If you’re unlucky like I am and don’t have cable, t.v. is really horrible right now. It’s even worse when you’re sick and there’s nothing mind numbing to take your mind off of it. Here in OK the ‘regular’ channels are 4,5,&9. Let me tell you on a Tuesday night, it’s terrible. There wasn’t even a crappy reality show to watch. Do you think cable will ever become free? Not the premium channels, but basic? Sure would be nice. Of course I was too sick last night to really care. I’m pretty sure I had a rockin’ fever last night, eventhough I don’t own a thermometer. I was FREEZING and my apt is never freezing. It lasted well into the night when it finally went away. There are fewer things I dislike in this world than being sick. Maybe being sick and having to go to work, but being sick in general. It’s just the pits. Especially when you live alone and there’s no one there to take care of you. Those are the times when being a single adult is really sad. (can you tell I still don’t feel good???) So anyway, my fever is gone but I still feel crappy. I don’t have any time saved up at work, so I can’t afford a day off w/o pay. Oh well…things could always be worse right?

Have you ever heard someone on the radio and then saw their picture and they are nothing whatsoever what you expected? There’s a guy here on The Katt and he’s got a nice voice and today I saw his pic for the first time and it just doesn’t match up. He’s not ugly or anything, but it’s just not what I had pictured to go with his voice. Kinda threw me for a loop. I guess it’s the same when you hear someone on the phone and then meet in person or whatever and the voice and pic don’t match. Hmm..

Today I was given 3 Dove promises. Pretty good chocolate and the writings on the inside are great. I think I like them almost as much as I do the chocolate. The ones I got today say – Buy yourself flowers…Listen to your heartbeat and dance…Don’t think about it so much.  Pretty good huh? I love flowers. Gerber daisies and white roses are my favorite. But the message was good. Why wait until a special occasion to get flowers? Get yourself a good pick me up and buy yourself flowers. Anway, enough of my ramblings. I should get back to work. 

Have a great Wednesday.



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