Today is Thursday. Yeah…hello Thursday. I’m glad it’s almost Friday, and when it’s tomorrow I’ll be glad it’s almost the weekend. Wishing one day closer to the next. Don’t we all do that? Anyway, so I’ve been sick (full blown, not just sniffles, etc)  since Tuesday and when I’m sick I’m a little whiney (is that how you spell it?) and more restless than I normally am.  I’m sure you know by now I live alone and last night I was FUCKING BORED. I was so bored in fact I called all of my sisters (figured brothers didn’t want to hear it), my mom over at nana’s, and my friend S. I’ve been feeling pent up anger at S for some reason. It could be because she had this internet “relationship” with this guy who lives in the Phillippines. They ‘dated’ for maybe a month, he dumps her siting he can’t do the long distance thing, it’s not for him, blah, blah blah. She is so incredibly hung up on this guy it makes me want to scream! Did I mention he’s 23? She’s 33. Okay, so age doesn’t always make a difference, but um, in this case it does. He’s twenty-three. What at that age makes you think you’re responsible. I’ve asked her numerous times what it is she loves about this guy as she swears she’s in love with him. “He’s so sweet, he’s a nice guy, etc.” Yeah, so was Ted Bundy and look where that got the ladies. (not trivializing serial killers) I’m not saying this guy is like that, but she won’t move past it. She writes blogs too and it’s too the point where I can’t read them anymore because it seems they all revolve around him. If that’s your life fine, whatever, but it’s not your entire life or shouldn’t be. I’ve asked her “Do you see this going any further than the internet?” She seems to think that she would actually move to the Phillippines to be with this guy. I’m sorry, WHAT?!?! You’d move to a completely different country away from your family and all for a guy you met on the computer? Nevermind that you’ve never had a phone conversation with him or that really you only know what he tells you, but WHAT?!?!?! I’m not so jaded towards relationships and all to say it wouldn’t be a beautiful story, girl/boy meet, fall in love, live together etc….but he’s across the other side of the universe. What in fucking hell do you really know about this guy. Are you so blinded by wanting to be with someone that you can’t see anything else? I honestly think if anything were to happen to her internet connection, she’d lose it. Seriously.  It just pisses me off and I shouldn’t let it bother me. But it does. She won’t even go out with actual guys….in person. I’m pretty sure she has intimacy issues, but that’s her hang up. I just need to politely let her know I don’t want to hear about E. ever. I’m not jealous or anywhere near that. I’m usually very happy for other people’s happiness, really I am. But I can only take so much droning on and on about a guy. Need I remind you that he DUMPED you. As in doesn’t want to be with you, as much as you can ‘be’ with someone on the internet. UGH!

Man I just got on a tangent huh? Oh well….so last night boredom took an all time low. There wasn’t jack on t.v. (I really, really, really want cable), I didn’t have any books to read, and no one to talk to on the phone. Apparently just because I’m bored doesn’t mean everyone else was too. LOL…I probably should have used the time constructively to work on my photography or get my apt in order (i’ve been there since Feb. you’d think I’d have everything unpacked by now!) or SOMETHING. But no….maybe I was so bored I couldn’t drum up the motivation to do anything. I certainly thought about unpacking stuff, but that wasn’t fun. I was even gonna go to the devil’s wharehouse (walmart) and walk around, but I ended up doing NOTHING. I sat on my couch and fell asleep. I woke up somewhere around 1a.m. and went to bed.

I certainly hope tonight’s a better night!


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