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Today I’m at a loss. My sister L. has moved to Texas and didn’t tell anyone she’s leaving. Not family anyway. She just got back from a whacked out impromtu trip there, where she didn’t tell anyone that time she was going either. Her ex-girlfriend lives there. The ex that used to beat the shit out of her. The ex’s family that treated her like crap. The ex that made her fucking miserable. The ex that she swore she’d never go back to. I realize that she may be unhappy in her current relationship, but that’s no reason to run from one problem to another one. She could have stayed here to figure things out. Here where her family is. Here where she has resources to help her, a support system that’s only a car ride away. What happens if she gets sick from her diabetes? I wouldn’t put two cents into her ex helping her out. She told my mom that people change. No they don’t. Not really. Not in this case. She’s left an ex here and did it in a horrible way. How can you pack up a bag, hop on a plane, and not mention it to your fucking family? No phone call, no email, no nothing. We have to find out from a friend that she’s gone. It really fucking sucks and I’m sad beyond belief.  I hope you’re alright L and I hope you come home whenever you stop running from whatever it is that has you leaving like this.  I love you – Sara


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4.2 pounds….

that’s what I gained last week. Holy SHIT! I knew I was going to gain something, I just didn’t expect that much. That’s what happens when you I don’t track and eat like crap for a week. But 4 fucking pounds? Damn and double damn! I lied to my loved ones and told them it was only 2. But I know I’m going to come clean and let them know. Hopefully it’ll be when I say, I’ve lost 8 pounds this week and 4 of it was what I gained last week. lol. I’m trying to not let it get to me and I’m really paying attention to what I’m eating, and I’m going to track it too. I’ve come too far and paid too much to let it all end up for nothing.

Friday evening I journey out to where my brother P works.  He’s a manager and I normally have a good time. The food is ALWAYS good and the beers are nice and cold. My friend S and I have made it a tradition. It’s our regular place. Or so it was. She made a complete ass of herself and could have gotten my brother fired. There were a couple of girls who showed up at a table next to ours and this one girl had on an outfit that she should never EVER wear. Ever. It really turned out to be quite a circus. S takes it upon herself to track brother P down (IN THE KITCHEN!!!) and proceed to tell him, “P you have to come out and see this circus. This girl has size H tits!” Um, yeah. In front of all of his employees AND the bosses two daughters. She comes laughing back to the table and after I question her about what’s so funny, she finally tells me. I haven’t been that horrified over someone’s behavior in a really long time. I was dumbfounded. P comes over to the table and tells her to never, ever do that again and how uncalled for it was. He pretty much wouldn’t make eye contact with me and didn’t come back to the table for the rest of the night. Naturally I heard about it on Saturday and I groveled and apologized profusely. Needless to say, she’s not allowed back up there and there goes my Friday night ritual. I guess all good things come to an end, but that was too short of a run. I really just can’t believe she did that. It’s like there wasn’t any internal dialogue about how this might not be the right thing to do. Especially pretty much walk into a restuarants kitchen. When you don’t work there. And are going to talk about it’s customers. To one of the managers. In front of all of his employees. And the bosses daughters. Damn. Oh and since word in my family spreads like wildfire, she’s not on their list of favorites. Mess with one, you mess with the whole trailer park. So to speak. :o)

The rest of my weekend was pretty much good. Went to J&E’s on Saturday after Red Cross training. I am SO going to love that. (red cross)  I already love it and I haven’t really done anything yet. I’m always a little nervous when I’m going to training or the meetings. Only because I really never do anything without someone. Well except for grocery shopping. lol. But really, I usually have someone with me. But I love it. And eventhough I seriously thought about not going to the meeting last Thursday, I did. It was just nerves and I’m glad I went. It lead to my training class on Saturday and I was the only one that showed up to that. So I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. I’m nervous about getting called out to a disaster, but I think once I’ve done it a couple of times, I’ll be alright. Everyone I’ve met so far is SO incredibly nice. They seem like a great group of people. One of the FTO’s, SE is very nice and so knowledgeable. And doesn’t make you feel dumb for asking questions. Yeah me! After training I go to J&E’s with Sister K. It was a good time and the first time in a long, long time that I swam in their pool. Usually I’m incredibly self conscious, but I didn’t let it bother me Saturday. It was a great day/night. Yesterday I watched a couple movies….We own the night and Michael Clayton. Both great movies! Oh I also watched Untraceable last night. Wow. That movie had me going and it’s a great one too. Now I have an even bigger list of movies I need to buy. :o)

So now it’s Monday and I’m back at work. This weekend was good, I’m not going to let the 4.2 pounds derail me from my goal, and I’m going to have a good week.  I hope you have a good week too.


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The Weekend…

was a good one, for the most part. The good parts…Friday afternoon I went to WW. I wasn’t totally up to going because I thought it had been a terrible week. I was sick the whole time and felt that when I did eat, it was total crap. Apparently not! I lost 4.6lbs bringing me to a total weight loss of 50.6lbs so far!!!! When I think about it or say it outloud, I’m blown away. When I started this adventure I was probably shooting for about 50 lbs in a year, not 5 months! I’m amazed with myself and very proud! So riding that cloud of happiness I go to J&E’s for swimming and cocktails. It turned out to be a party. What originally was supposed to be a couple of people turned into a nice sized group and it was good times all around. I met a couple of new people, R, D, and J. I just adore R. He’s a friend of Sister K’s and was brought over to cheer up my friend A. She’s recently had her heart stomped on and he was supposed to be her diversion. I know by the time he was leaving, he got her # so I think that’s a good sign. Sister K thinks she’s flaky and not really sure of her. I know she’s a good person, but she just got out of this past relationship the previous weekend. So I’m gonna say it’s too soon, but hey, if it works for them, more power to ’em. Of course I would have loved it if he would have bypassed her for my number, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. Oh well. D&J are friends of another guy there, A. D was kind of nice, but J was a douche bag. Whenever you hear that word and whatever it brings to your mind, that’s what he is. He started off kinda nice but he turned into one of those guys that knows everything, has seen everything, and is an authority on it all. A’s wife, T, recently got new boobs (triple D’s!! OMG) and she was proud enough of them to show us. Interesting. Maybe she should go on that girls gone wild? Here’s a disgusting something from that night….she peed on E’s husband J. She sat on his lap, he asked her to get up so he could go to the bathroom, which in turn she said…”I have to go too, so just go ahead.” Next thing he knows, she’s peeing on him! Yuck, yuck, yuck. He was horrified to say the least. What grown person does that?? To someone else’s husband? Doesn’t matter that she was wasted and could barely form a sentence. It’s just nasty. But that was the only downer from that night. Saturday I went to my Red Cross orientation. Can I tell you how excited I am that I am now a Red Cross Volunteer! I want to be on the Disaster Action Team. (the people that respond to disasters…) I have that orientation this Thursday and I’m looking forward to it. I have to say it’s probably because of my weightloss that I’m getting more and more out there. Normally I don’t want to go places by myself and in the past I definitely wouldn’t have done it, but I’m finding my confidence with every pound that I lose. And I love it! Anyway, back to Saturday. I only had 3 hours of sleep and I’m pretty sure you could smell beer coming out of my pores, but no one said anything. LOL. After that I have lunch with brother P, my nephew, and Mom. (On the border, that’s on WW’s right?) It was good food, but the service there has gone down hill. What’s up with shitty service these days? Doesn’t anyone care about getting a good tip? I get good service when I go to BWW, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m the managers sister. Either way, they get good tips because of it. (that and I don’t want them to tell my brother I’m a lousy tipper) Even if he wasn’t the manager, I would still tip well. I’m pretty easy to please…keep my glass filled, check on me regularly, and if I ask for something it shouldn’t take 20 plus minutes and me having to remind you repeatedly to bring it. That’s kind of how lunch went. But it was good company, so …..Sunday was me watching movies all day at my mom’s. She was at Nana’s and it was nice.  The only downer to this weekend was my car still leaking antifreeze. That’s the time when being single is the pits. I’d like to have someone there that I can talk to about car issues and have him help me out. Maybe even fix it for me or tell me how to fix it. But it will come….

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?


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