This hasn’t been the best week…but I should be happy I have my health, so far I’ve woken up every morning, and my family/friends are great. Yesterday I was telling Sister K about my day and she said “You sound like ‘Failure to Launch’.” (the movie with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker) That is totally how my day was yesterday. But let’s start with the first of the week. Monday is alright, but it’s the first day that C is back at work. She’s been off for her annual two week vacay. Nice huh? Well anyway, have I ever mentioned how she hates working here? She’s just not happy anymore which in turn makes it negative in the office. She actually is a very nice person personally, but it’s time to move on. So she’s unhappy about having to come back here, it’s a little tense, but nothing more than usual. Until the afternoon…right around quitin’ time. She asked my thoughts on the gay lifestyle. I have a family member who is gay so I guess she felt I had insider information. She wanted to know what “made” them that way, how did they develop those feelings, etc. Here’s what she said her view on the whole thing is….If you’re gay it’s because of either A) you were brought up that way or, B) brainwashed into being that way, or C) you were molested at some point in your life. Then she goes on to say it’s the same as the suicide bombers. In how they are taught from birth to believe a certain way. Um, what the fuck?!?!?! You are comparing being homosexual to suicide bombers??? That’s insane but it’s also her opinion. I don’t have to like it. So anyway, she proceeds to ask me my OPINION. Which I tell her (and I’ll tell you), I believe you are born that way. And here’s my reasoning: Why would someone “pick” a lifestyle that is hated by so many people? Why would you knowingly do that, to where certain people would rather see you dead than have you walk down their street or breathe the same air as they do. Why? Sure there are some people out there that try it or whatever, but I really believe you’re born that way. Her response to my OPINION was “Oh no that’s wrong. Anyone that knows the word of God, knows that’s wrong.” Um, excuse me, how are you going to tell me that my opinion is wrong??? My friend S said she was basically setting me up for a fight. (which didn’t happen.) Had she not been a co-worker and someone I share an office with, I would have completely gotten into it with her. That being said, I finally just told her, “You’re asking the wrong person. I’m not gay so I can’t give you the answers you’re looking for.” Then I promptly left. It really pisses me off the way it turned out and to find out she’s so completely closed minded. But I know there are a TON of people in this country/universe that are not open minded to homosexuals. I get that. That’s not what made me mad. It was asking my opinion and then telling me my opinion was wrong. Next time don’t ask bitch. :o)

Tuesday was alright…a little strained at work, probably from both sides, but alright. Sister K invited me over for dinner that night. Yes ma’am! Sloppy tacos night. I l-o-v-e sloppy tacos. Plus I get a chance to see the girlies during the week night. Little K started the pre-team in gymnastics and Big K started taking voice lessons. (both of my sisters girls names start with K, go figure) So now little K goes twice a week – two hours each time. I’m really excited for her. I asked her if she saw herself making a career out of it, but she’s only 8, so….Big K is loving voice lessons. This little girl loves to sing. And I think with the right training, she’ll be great.

July 17, 2008 – I just realized I never posted this….so here it is. In all it’s unfinished glory. :o)


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