Overly sensitive

I’ve always been a sensitive person, but it seems like I’m overly sensitive these days. This year. It’s always been easy for me to cry and I’m the type that gets weepy over sappy commercials but I’ve usually been able to keep my tears in check. Well, I used to. Today a co-worker played a joke on me and I just teared up about it. In my defense had I known it was her, I would have laughed it off. But I immediately thought it was someone playing a mean joke on me. In her defense, I have a great sense of humor and she didn’t see the down side of it. She thought I would laugh it off. This is what happened…the other day I went into her office and sat in this chair. It made this cracking noise and then it broke. Imagine that – me breaking another chair. I didn’t know that it was already broken, so I was horrified. She brushed it off as no big deal. Well I came into my office today and there was the chair sitting in front of my desk. The chair that is normally there had been removed and the broken one was in its place. I immediately thought the worst. Chalk it up to people making fun of me my whole life. I called her into my office and she saw how upset I was and it made her feel bad. Which in turn made me feel worse….I guess we’re both a couple of sad sacks! LOL…I think we’re straightened out now – now that I know it was her, it was a funny joke. I just need to get my thick skin back and quit being so overly sensitive!

Wish I knew what it was all about???


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