My Dew is home!!! That’s sister L’s family nickname. She came back last Friday and I am so excited. My sister, friend, best bud, confidant, & running buddy is home. At least for now. She mentions pretty much every day I talk to her about how she wants to go back to Texas and as soon as she has a job and enough money saved, she’s moving there for good. I try not to think of that part too much because it breaks my heart, but I guess if that’s what truly makes her happy, I should be supportive of her. For right now, I’m going to enjoy it. I was at a work retreat on Friday all day and half of Saturday, but she came up Friday night and we hung out for a minute before she had to make the rest of her rounds. She is the social butterfly.

Life at Nana’s is going good. So far I haven’t had any family members tell me she’s complaining about me. Yet. Probably because I’m a good granddaughter and keep the flowers watered, bring in the paper, take out the trash, help out with dinner, let the dog outside, let the dog inside, bring in the mail and keep her company. I really don’t mind it at all. I enjoy being there. A nice house with a HUGE  yard…central heat and air…and my Nana. She really is hilarious. We were watching t.v. last night and the primary elections were yesterday here in Oklahoma. One of the ladies running is rather unfortunate looking. I’m sure with just a little help she’d look like a completely different person. Anyway, I made the comment about “Isn’t she a looker?” To which Nana replies, “I bet she haunts houses on the weekend.” HOLY SHIT! I laughed forever over that one and it still makes me giggle. She just has a great sense of humor. And she’s been really sweet. Every morning she tells me to ‘have a nice day’ and is really appreciative of the things I do for her. :o) So right now it’s going alright. I’m even playing with the dog…and I’m not really a pet kind of person.

Everything else seems to be good too. Can this be the first post I’ve had where I don’t have something bad/depressing/annoying to report??? Wow!! Yeah me and for anyone who is reading this. LOL

Tomorrow is my nephew’s birthday. He’s going to be 7 and I’m thinking about buying him the Nerf N Strike Vulcan gun. It’s as badass as it sounds! It’s a basically a Nerf machine gun. It comes with a tripod and an ammo box, both removable, and it shoots 3 foam darts a second!! I think the only drawback on it is that it needs 6 D batteries!!! Holy tights Batman! Those are going to cost as much as the gun itself, but it will be totally worth it! Could it turn out that I’m more excited about it than he might be? Nah..he’s a boy with a brother to shoot. and cousins. and parents. Whahahahhahahaha….

Anyway, I need to get to work. Hope you have a great Wednesday!!!



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