Shock, Surprise!

I found out last week that I have sleep apnea. (cue dramatic music) I was pretty sure what the outcome would be from the sleep study, so it wasn’t a huge reveal when I got the call from the doctor’s office. Yeah. Only yeah in the sense that I found the cause of my daily headaches and crappy sleep style. Not yeah that I’ll now be wearing a hazmat looking mask while I sleep. I was telling Nan tonight that I have to go back to the hospital on Wednesday for it and the only thing she had to say freak out about was “Oh God! Find out how much that is going to cost on the electricity.” Likes it’s some huge generator drain or something. I swear! A little compassion or at least a “Well now you know” type of thing. I should have known better. She isn’t really the compassionate type. Her being negative just makes me wish Memorial Weekend was that much closer. (Hello Lake Wister!!!) I am a little freaked out about it all. I guess I’ve made it to 35, so I shouldn’t be worried, right? I heard before that worrying is like sweeping the beach – it gets you nowhere. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying. LOL…

On a lighter note…I’ve decided I’m going to learn how to use the Nikon Coolpix 5000 that E&J loaned to me. I’m not going to get anywhere with my photography if I don’t. I really want to learn how to delay the shutter so I can take a pic like the one from the movie “A lot like love”. (with Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher) Speaking of that movie, I think everyone should have an Oliver in their life.  Anyway, if I can figure out that camera, then maybe I can put some good pictures on here.  If I was smart, and I like to think I am, then I’ll start saving for the DSLR camera that I want. I did see a really nice one the other day for around $500. I think that would be a good start and then I can move on up to the thousand(s) dollar ones. Awww, sigh.


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