4 Days of freedom.

Yeah! Today is my Friday here at work. I’m actually taking a day off!! I may complain about coming to work, and such, but I never take a day off. Never. (to prove my point, a co-worker just came in and said, I hear you’re taking off tomorrow? Wow, you never take off.)  Since I’ve been at this job, almost 2 yrs thank you very much, I haven’t even called in sick. I’ve never really liked calling in sick anyway. I always feel guilty. Not like I’m so fabulous that the office would fall apart with out me, although I am fabulous. hahaha. I guess maybe it’s because I’d be bored at home or something. I don’t know. I haven’t over analyzed it. But this time, I am taking a day off and heading to the lake for Memorial Weekend!! Lake Wister here I come. Along with Brother W and his family, Sister K and the girls, Mom, Friends E&J, and their kids, the Shoe Ninja, and I think Friend T is joining the fun. We’ll be gone until Monday and I’m so stinking excited!!! You’d think I’ve never gone anywhere. I guess it has been a really long time since I’ve gone anywhere. I’m trying to think of what I did last Memorial Weekend and I’m stumped? We were probably all broke and hung out at E&J’s house/pool. I’m so excited that I even started packing last night. I needed to clean out my closet anyway to find my duffel bag, so I just started putting stuff together then. It’s hard to focus on work today. Hell, everyday it’s hard to focus on work, but it’s really hard today. I’m riding with the E&J fam and we’re heading out tomorrow at 10a.m. Granted, check in isn’t until 3p.m., but we are that excited to leave. Plus it will be more like 10:30 when we hit the road, after stopping at Byron’s for the cheap adult beverages. If you live in OK, and don’t know about Byron’s, you’re living under a rock. CHEAP LIQUOR. LOL…I need a good beer for this weekend. Now that I’m not taking that crappy medicine, my good friend Beer and I have become re-aquainted. I missed my friend. (not in an alcoholic sort of way, just a fun sort of way. -not a dis to the alcoholics in the world, that’s a tough deal)  Anywho….we should arrive at LW about an hour or two before check in. Sure we could wait and leave a little later, but why? It’s vacation time!!!

 I guess I should focus on getting this payroll finished. Or something. Hahaha…Hope you all (if anyone ever reads these besides me) have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!!!


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