35 and counting

Yep, I’m 35. I will be for the rest of the year. I didn’t just have a birthday, that was in March, but I’ve thought a lot about being 35 since then. Things like, when you’re a kid, 35 was old! It was a number that was so far away you couldn’t ever imagine being 35. I’ve thought about stuff like how I’m half way through my 30’s and I’m STILL not doing what I want to do professionally. Let’s not kid, I’m not doing what I want personally either. I need to quit being a chicken shit and just do it. Professionally and personally. My dream on the career front is to be a photographer. No surprise there because I talk a lot about photography. a. lot. But I’d also like to be a party planner. I love to plan parties. Love it! The research, coming up with ideas, everything in between, and the eventual outcome. I need to suck it up and put myself out there. Like I said, quit being a chicken shit.  I’ve really thought a lot about it ever since Dr. Long started his new sermon 2 wks ago at church. The title of it is Critical questions every parent asks. The first one was “what on Earth have you done?!” The awesome thing was he brought it around to God asking us ‘what on Earth have you done’? It’s made me think that I haven’t done much. And there’s a lot I wanna do. My list of wants is:

Be a mom, wife, best friend, awesome sister, wonderful daughter, photographer, happy, whimsical, financially responsible, and all around great person. While I am already some of those, :o), I want to be all of those things. Of course it’s not all I want out of this life, but a good start. So back to my thoughts on being 35. I believe this will be the year that I quit with the fear of the unknown and put myself out there. Both professionally and personally. Hell, I bought a car this year! I’ve told myself forever that I couldn’t afford it and this and that, but when I quit saying that, I realized I can do it. I can do anything I set my mind to. No more negative thoughts. If you say it long enough you believe it. So, here’s to a great year to continue on in my great life. (I may have rambled on long enough and lost my point somewhere, but I’m not going to re-read this post and change it. Ha!)


Have an awesome week, day, month, year. And ask yourself, “What on Earth have you done?”


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