Keep on ticking…

So I finally got a call back about the Echo test I had. Yes, I have two enlarged chambers, the bottom ones, but they are working great so I’m alright. Good Job Heart! Please keep working fine for many years to come! Please.

After the results were given to me, I asked when I’d get the C-Pap machine? There was some confusion on the nurse’s part and I re-hashed all the conversations we’ve had since my 2nd sleep study. Then she told me she’d talk to the doctor when she comes in and calls me back. The call back that I got was from a different nurse to say “This is W from Dr. M’s office calling to let you know your sleep study has been scheduled for July 6th.” This is me: “What do you mean ANOTHER sleep study? I’ve already had two!”  W: “I’m not sure, I just had a note to call you and let you know about it.” M: “Why do I have to have another one? I did the first one to find out about sleep apnea and then the 2nd one was for the machine. Now I have to have a 3rd one?” W: “Um, S’s right here, let me ask her. She said it’s for a bi-pap machine sitration (or some shit like that. my words, not hers. lol) (basically a totally different machine) M: Okay, fine. You said the 6th? Same thing as the last two times I was there?” W: Yes ma’am. Show up by 8p.m. and they will take care of you.” It’s not that I’m a bitchy person to nurses, because let’s face it, nurses are running the shit. Doctors come in and diagnose and all that stuff, but nurses are the backbones of the operation. I’d just like for 1) to get to talk to my doctor about why she feels I need another test and 2) when you call and tell me something is planned, at least know what it’s for. Those fucking tests are $5,000 a piece! Okay, so my insurance is awesome and I end up with a bill for $503, but still that’s FIVE HUNDRED AND THREE DOLLARS! Now we’re talking $1509.00. You know how long it’s going to take to pay that off? Sheesh. Anywho, I’m blessed to even have insurance so I shouldn’t bitch that much. 

I’m actually really blessed that I wake up everyday and heart wants to keep on ticking. Thank you again Heart for keeping me going.


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