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6 days into July and so far it’s going alright. It’s our year end at work, so I imagine it might be a tad stressful, but I’m not going to let it get me. Ha! Nanny, nanny, boo, boo, you can’t catch me. (that’s my taunt to stress.) The 4th was a good time. I went to my friend SH house, or rather her parents for a cookout/fireworks. They live alll theee waaaay out in Choctaw or the outskirts somewhere out there. It was a nice drive but I couldn’t imagine making it with ice/snow on the roads. Too many big hills for my non-adventure self. I told her those hills were the closest I’d ever get to riding a roller coaster. Her parents place is nice. I mean nice. 5 acres of land, cute house, only a couple of neighbors, a little slice of heaven. Her mom made enough food for a few neighborhoods and all of it was DELISH! I did feel a little awkward only because I didn’t know anyone, but I still had a good time. Everyone was very nice. The fireworks were fun, even in the rain. Yeah it rained! We certainly needed it. So the 4th was good.

Tomorrow Sister K is having ear surgery. She’s virtually deaf in her left ear, something about an extra bone on her hammer that is making it not work right. So they are going to go in there and remove the little bone so she can hear again. It’s been so long since she has been able to hear, I wonder if it’s going to be sensory overload for her? I really hope I can get off work to be there at the hospital during her surgery. I know my mom will be there, but I wanna be there too. I’m definitely saying my prayers that the doctors are successful and have steady hands. *(God, please watch over them and keep them in your capable hands.)* If anyone besides me reads this, say a prayer for K too. I’m a little nervous for her, but I know she’ll be alright. I know it.


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Wouldn’t you just know it?

While I was outside watering the ‘everything’ outside tonight, I was thinking of a really good blog post, and now that I sit here, I can’t think of a damn thing to say. I could talk about how Nana (queenie) told me to “flood the patio because the day lillies look dreadful” and that I do that everytime I water (daily) but I’ll be sure to do it again tonight. I could also talk about how my mother didn’t call queenie to tell her she wasn’t coming over tonight. Mom always almost always comes over on Wednesday nights. It’s referred to as trash night because well, she takes out the trash and puts the can by the curb. Not that queenie couldn’t do it but it might hurt her arm. True she’s 83, but the the arm pain is really beginning to get me. Mom had a hair appt tonight and she and Q got into it the other night, so she didn’t call. Yikes. Of course after I sent her a text , she made the call, but….anywho.  Anyone that really knows my nana, knows what a complete diva she is and from what Mom says, she always has been. In talking with Mom tonight on the phone I told her I was watering for queenie and she replied “You know that’s something she can do.” To which I said, “Well you know it will hurt her arm and she lost the other one in ‘nam.” (no offense to anyone that really lost there arm in Vietnam or any limb for that matter.) No she didn’t lose her arm in ‘nam or any other way. I really love my Nana but man can she try your patience? Whew.

Anyway, this wasn’t the post I wanted to put on here but since I can’t remember exactly what it is I wanted to vent about, this will have to do. Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week and wonderful/safe 4th of July. (In OKC it’s supposed to be back to 100 degree temps that day! Yeah OKC weather!!!)

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I’m stunned….

by the comments people leave on another’s blog. Horrible, mean, cruel, disrespectful comments. Words that are only said to hurt that person. A person who has lost her only child and is grieving in a way I can’t understand. A person who I have worlds of respect for because, although I don’t know her IRL and we’ll probably never meet,  she’s able to share her pain and write out what she wants to, for the world to read. She’s lost her precious 17 month old. Something no one should ever have to do. One of the most stunningly beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen. How could some person who has read even a sentence of what she’s going through, leave such a horrible comment? Whatever her reasons are behind it, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she kicked someone while she’s at the lowest point of her life. She just lost a child you complete waste of space and skin. I guess it’s easy to say such vile things because you have the anonymity of the internet that you can hide behind. I bet you wouldn’t have the courage to say those things in person. How cruel and miserable of a person you must be to say the things you did to a grieving mother.  Shame on you.

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