I’m stunned….

by the comments people leave on another’s blog. Horrible, mean, cruel, disrespectful comments. Words that are only said to hurt that person. A person who has lost her only child and is grieving in a way I can’t understand. A person who I have worlds of respect for because, although I don’t know her IRL and we’ll probably never meet,  she’s able to share her pain and write out what she wants to, for the world to read. She’s lost her precious 17 month old. Something no one should ever have to do. One of the most stunningly beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen. How could some person who has read even a sentence of what she’s going through, leave such a horrible comment? Whatever her reasons are behind it, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she kicked someone while she’s at the lowest point of her life. She just lost a child you complete waste of space and skin. I guess it’s easy to say such vile things because you have the anonymity of the internet that you can hide behind. I bet you wouldn’t have the courage to say those things in person. How cruel and miserable of a person you must be to say the things you did to a grieving mother.  Shame on you.


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