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This happens to me quite a bit. I make plans for one thing, forget about making said plans, then make plans for something else. It’s not that I’m forgetfull, I just don’t have good reminders maybe? Case in point: Last week some ladies from work were talking about going to the Choctaw Senior center for a fundraiser dinner. Brisket, sides, and dessert for $6. That’s cheap! And with me having the larger car, (suv) I was going to be the driver for at least 4 of the ladies. This plan was COMPLETELY forgotten by me. Tuesday of this week my sister K asks if I’m going back to the FAIR! this year. Yes, I’m going Friday for the Boyz II Men concert. She doesn’t want the girls there after dark, don’t blame her, and wondered about going today because armbands are only $14 instead of a whopping $25  on Friday. Sure I say, I think I can do that. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I’ve made plans for two different things for the same night. Of course I wasn’t reminded of the dinner until yesterday, but I should go to that because it was the original plan I made. Right? What my real problem is is that I’m a people person and want to please everyone. So I’ve been trying to think of a way to do both. The dinner is from 4-7, but it’s all the way in Choctaw. Not exactly close. It starts getting dark here around 7:30 or so. So could I go to the dinner right after work, scarf down my food, leave, rush back, drop off my co-workers, pick up the girls, then go to the fair for what might be an hour or two? Hell I hate having this guilt. It fucking sucks!


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September is almost over and still nothing.

I have to admit I started this blog as a way to sort of journal. About my life and what happens in it, but I have to say, I’ve really sucked at it! lol. I read blogs daily and they seem to not have any problem with something to say. I guess because like I said in an earlier post, I think of good stuff and then when I get here, I’ve either forgotten it, or I don’t want to write about it anymore. Well, I’ll try and do better. I promise. :o) Maybe I can get to at least one blog a month? Isn’t that kind of ‘glass half full’ type of thinking? I thought so!

Anywho, I have been thinking a lot about the changes I need to make in my life. Things such as, doing what I’m passionate about (photography), getting control over my weight, telling people what I think instead of worrying about them getting upset. I look at my brother P and he really has it going on right now. Actually he has for a while but he just recently got a huge promotion at work, moved to a new city, is closing on his first house at the end of this month, and he’s only 25. I have to say I’m a little envious of him, but mostly I’m proud as hell! He really has a good head on his shoulders and actually uses it! OH! He’s also getting married next year too. They’ve only been dating for like 8 or 9 years! His fiance is awesome and will be a welcome addition to the family. Of course she’s been family for a while, but I guess at the wedding it will be official. Like I told him the other day, he makes my heart sing for all that he has become so far in life. (I sound like his mom, hahaha) I was 10 when he was born and I remember that he was MY baby. Seriously that kid was mine and you couldn’t tell me any different. I loved taking care of him. LOVED. IT. P, you’ve done amazing things and I can’t wait to see how far you’ve gone in the next few years. (not that he’ll ever read this, but you never know!)

Have I mentioned yet that the fair is in town? The FAIR! I LOVE THE FAIR. Seriously, it should be embarassing how much I enjoy it. Pronto Dogs, Funnel cakes, Indian tacos, beer, the cinnamon rolls, the sights and smells. Nice! P took me the other day and it was awesome. There’s just something about walking through the gate and seeing everything….Ah…It’s also the best place to people watch, ever!  I saw a couple of really sweet mullets and managed to get a picture of one. I’ll have to remember to post it on here. I’ve actually taken a lot of photos and should add some on here. When I’m on here next time, which looking over my track record should be sometime in November. Ha!

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