This happens to me quite a bit. I make plans for one thing, forget about making said plans, then make plans for something else. It’s not that I’m forgetfull, I just don’t have good reminders maybe? Case in point: Last week some ladies from work were talking about going to the Choctaw Senior center for a fundraiser dinner. Brisket, sides, and dessert for $6. That’s cheap! And with me having the larger car, (suv) I was going to be the driver for at least 4 of the ladies. This plan was COMPLETELY forgotten by me. Tuesday of this week my sister K asks if I’m going back to the FAIR! this year. Yes, I’m going Friday for the Boyz II Men concert. She doesn’t want the girls there after dark, don’t blame her, and wondered about going today because armbands are only $14 instead of a whopping $25  on Friday. Sure I say, I think I can do that. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I’ve made plans for two different things for the same night. Of course I wasn’t reminded of the dinner until yesterday, but I should go to that because it was the original plan I made. Right? What my real problem is is that I’m a people person and want to please everyone. So I’ve been trying to think of a way to do both. The dinner is from 4-7, but it’s all the way in Choctaw. Not exactly close. It starts getting dark here around 7:30 or so. So could I go to the dinner right after work, scarf down my food, leave, rush back, drop off my co-workers, pick up the girls, then go to the fair for what might be an hour or two? Hell I hate having this guilt. It fucking sucks!


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