Give Thanks

I can’t believe it’s already November. I know people say this all the time, but man this year has flown by! Seriously. It’s already Novemeber 11th. It’s almost Thanksgiving. Today is Veteran’s Day. A HUGE Thank you to all of the service men & women, retired or active duty, for everything you have done and continue to do for this Country. It doesn’t seem like enough to just say Thank You, for the sacrifices you go through, but it is sincerely heart felt.

Today is also Madeline Alice Spohr’s 2nd birthday. While she only got to celebrate one birthday here on earth, I’m sure she is celebrating in style in Heaven. Sadly, I didn’t know about her or her wonderful parents until after she passed away. But there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since April 7th, 2009 that I haven’t thought about them. Everytime I see the color purple, I think of Maddie. In learning about her story through the loving words of her mom Heather, and father Mike, I feel like I’ve “known” them forever. Her beautiful life has touched millions of people either in real life or on the internet. Today is a celebration of a life that, although taken much too soon, has shined brigther and more glorious than anyone’s I can think of. The pictures of her smiling face are infectious. The beautiful words written about her are amazing. The strength and grace her parents have shown through this incredibly tough and  live changing time is awe inspiring. While I’ve never met them or even had a conversation with them, my life is forever changed because of them.  Happy Birthday sweet Maddie!

Heather & Mike celebrated Maddie’s 1st birthday with cream puffs (yum!) so have a cream puff today to celebrate this beautiful sunshine girl!

Much love, sweet thoughts and well wishes to  Heather, Mike, and their entire family. Not just today, but everyday.

To read Heather’s and Mike’s blogs, go to and

Also, to celebrate & remember Maddie, please donate to to help  NICU parents.


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