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Cold doesn’t cut it

It’s bitter ass cold! We had a blizzard on Christmas Eve and that was THE.MOST.TERRIFYING drive of my life. I was on the road because I had the Santa presents at my house. Complete white out most of the time and I continuosly sang ‘Jesus loves me’  and ‘Amazing Grace’. White knuckle driving. Not fun. Getting stuck in a snow drift, really not fun. It was truly an experience and not one I’d like to repeat. It made for an odd Christmas time and I don’t want to repeat that either. Family spread out and thrown off kilter. Nana’s tree falling over, ripping the power lines from the house. By the grace of God, I was out driving or my car would have been crunched under the tree. Truly by the grace of God.

It has been bitter cold ever since that darn snow storm. Today the high is 17. 17!!! Of course it could be worse, but my goodness. They even closed some schools today and tomorrow because of the temps. Times have definitely changed because when I was in school (1 of those stories!), they didn’t close for A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. It was practically an act of congress to close for snow days. Now they close because it’s too cold outside. I understand it, but man. Why not when I was a kid? haha….

 This month my mom is turning 60! Happy Early Mom! (not that she reads this or even knows about this blog.) But she’s turning 60 this month and I can’t believe it! She doesn’t look 60 or act like it. usually. I’m trying to find a good gift for her and I’ve got a couple of ideas. If anyone reads this before the week of the 23, care to give me some ideas? She loves playing games on the computer, reading, watching The Holiday, and not having to do anything on the weekends. :o)

My cousin and her baby M are doing good. There was another scare with her not breathing, so she’s back on the apnea monitor. I can’t imagine having apnea as an infant. I know it sucks as an adult. Poor thing. She is absolutely precious! Seriously cute fat rolls and all. Plus she’s blowing bubbles these days! And bonus…they will be here in OK around Easter time! Yay! Please cooperate weather so they will be able to make it. I cannot wait to hold that little honey. (and get to see her parents and the rest of the fam!)

I tried sweet talking Spring into making an early appreance but apparently that talk fell on deaf ears. You can’t fault a girl for trying though!

 Did you make New Year’s resolutions? I usually do and this year was no exception. They were a little different than before though…I have  3.   1. Go back to WW. I’ve gained way too much weight and that is NO bueno. 2. Start saving money. seriously. I’m going to pay myself first! There’s no reason I shouldn’t have the things I want. 3. Be more positive about my living situation with Queenie. She’s looking older these days and I’m terrified I’m going to ‘find’ her in her room or come home and ‘find’ her. I really do love her and love the fact I can live there, but I’ve noticed myself getting more negative and always complaining about things…That has to stop, because I don’t believe that is truly who I am. When I look at my life I am truly blessed and could have it much worse. So here’s the rundown, shed, save, & savor.

So here’s to being cold….if the groundhog sees his shadow in February I’m punching him in the gizzards. Fair warning Puxatawney Phil. (i’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong but oh well!)


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