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New Year, New Me.

I decided before NYE (and all the resolution hype) what I wanted to change about myself. What goals I want for myself. Not just goals, but things to accomplish. First and foremost, my weight. It has held me prisoner for my entire life and I have to let it go. Everything in my life revolves around my weight. What to wear, where to sit, am I going to fit here, or there, or anywhere. I am a food addict. I am an emotional eater. No matter the range of emotions – I eat. Well I have decided to give myself until my 40th birthday (gasp! 40?!) to lose all my weight and keep it off. I’ll be 37 this year, so that gives me 3 years. (Yay Math!) It’s now or never. I don’t want to be a young corpse. I don’t want my mother to have to bury me. I don’t want to die from something I could prevent. I started WW (again) on January 8th. I weighed in at 459 pounds. Holy shit! My silver lining in that is that I hadn’t gained back all the weight I previously lost before. But, I’m determined to take this one day at a time. I didn’t get to be 459lbs overnight and I’m not going to get to 200 pounds overnight. My sweet brother P has thrown in great motivation. If I lose 125lbs in 6 months, he’ll buy my a camera of my choice. For anyone that knows me, photography is my passion. A brand new DSLR camera of my choice? Yes!  When word of that spread sisters K & L threw in a $100 a piece and a dear friend A, also threw in $100. I’m blown away by the support I’ve been shown and how much everyone wants this for me. I’m excited to imagine myself in a slimmer body. I can’t wait to live my new life. My first week I lost 3.8lbs. Woo hoo! 121.2lbs to go. Not just for a dream camera, but for a dream me.

It’s time for a new me, in this new year.


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