Today I’m at a loss. My sister L. has moved to Texas and didn’t tell anyone she’s leaving. Not family anyway. She just got back from a whacked out impromtu trip there, where she didn’t tell anyone that time she was going either. Her ex-girlfriend lives there. The ex that used to beat the shit out of her. The ex’s family that treated her like crap. The ex that made her fucking miserable. The ex that she swore she’d never go back to. I realize that she may be unhappy in her current relationship, but that’s no reason to run from one problem to another one. She could have stayed here to figure things out. Here where her family is. Here where she has resources to help her, a support system that’s only a car ride away. What happens if she gets sick from her diabetes? I wouldn’t put two cents into her ex helping her out. She told my mom that people change. No they don’t. Not really. Not in this case. She’s left an ex here and did it in a horrible way. How can you pack up a bag, hop on a plane, and not mention it to your fucking family? No phone call, no email, no nothing. We have to find out from a friend that she’s gone. It really fucking sucks and I’m sad beyond belief.  I hope you’re alright L and I hope you come home whenever you stop running from whatever it is that has you leaving like this.  I love you – Sara


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